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Resume & Experience

Tore Leraand, M.Sc.

Software Development

  • 2009-Present: Sonar processing software for hydrographic surveys.
  • 2007-Present: Software for tracking of towed systems.
  • 1989-1990: Development of a 3D finite element for analysis of flexible cable systems subject to ocean currents. (M.Sc. Ocn.Engr.)
  • MakaiLay(*) - In charge of the development and porting of a Unix-based deep ocean cable-lay control system to the PC platform. Also responsible for commissioning and testing of the system onboard the majority of advanced telecom vessels equipped with the software.
  • MakaiPlan(*) - Part of the development team that created the first commercial ocean cable-lay planning software.
  • PC-Span(**), a software for suspension-analysis of cables.

Technical Writing / Software Testing

  • 2010 - Testing and documentation of commercial software for Hawaii Technology company.

Technical Support Services

  • 2010 - Support defense contractor with use of 3'rd party cable lay control system.

Deep Ocean Cable-lays / Installations

  • Gemini North (North Atlantic)
  • Gemini South (North Atlantic)
  • Southern Cross (South Pacific)
  • Japan-US (North Pacific)
  • TGN-Pacific (North Pacific)
  • FARICE (North Atlantic)
  • SMW4 (Indian Ocean)
  • SCISAR (Pacific)
  • NEPTUNE Canada (Pacific)

Sea-Trials / Cable Ship Commissioning

  • ITG-Oceanic King
  • ITG-Oceanic Viking
  • ALDA Marine - Ile DeSein
  • ALDA Marine - Ile DeBrehat
  • ALDA Marine - Ile DeBatz
  • Dockwise - C.S. Knight
  • Dockwise - C.S. Baron
  • Elettra Pertinacia
  • ASEAN Explorer
  • SAIC
  • CS Tyco Reliance
  • CS Tyco Durable (Japan, Singapore, Philippines)
  • CS Tyco Decisive (Greece)
  • CS Tyco Resolute

Cable-lay route-planning and simulations

  • STAFAC (South TOTO Acoustic Measurement Facility). Ocean current sensitivity studies, detailed route planning and simulation of the installation process. (Installed 2008).
  • SCIUR / SSRNM (Installed 2009)
  • STARS (Installed 2009)

Ocean Cable-lay Operator Training

  • Tyco Telecommunications
  • ALDA Marine/Alcatel
  • ASEAN Cableship
  • Elettra Tlc.
  • ITG
  • SAIC
  • L3-Maripro
  • General Dynamics

Ocean Surveys

  • Route survey for deep ocean 55" sea-water intake pipeline at NELHA (Deep-tow w/narrow beam echo-sounder and Multibeam)
  • 3000' deep route survey onboard PISCES submarine, operated by Hawaii Underwater Research Lab (HURL.)
  • Cable landing survey and pipeline surveys in American Samoa.
  • Cable-route survey in Palau.
  • Intake pipeline Maui Ocean center

Ocean Pipeline design

  • NELHA - 55" Seawater intake pipeline. Conceptual development, survey, and final design.
  • Maui Ocean Center seawater intake pipeline.
  • Ihilani Hotel, seawater intake.

(*) Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., (**) Oceantek, Inc.